Reviews of the Best Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles – 2022

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Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles

While air hockey tables typically come with paddles and pucks, there are several scenarios where you may need to buy them separately. If your paddles or pucks have been lost or broken, or if you just want better quality (the ones that come with the tables are usually not very good), you can buy replacements.

They can be purchased in packs that include the paddles and pucks, just the paddles, or just the pucks. We’ll cover all of the best air hockey pucks and paddles here.

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Best Air Hockey Paddles and Puck Sets

1. Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set

These high-quality pucks and paddles from Hathaway are designed heavier than the other products available in the market to provide more stable gameplay.

The strikers (paddles) are 4 inches in size while the pucks that come along are 3 inches in diameter. The strikers are designed ergonomically for better control and comfort of the players with a green felt bottom for fast action and safety of the playing surface.

This set is constructed with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene polymer.

2. Coopay Air Hockey Pushers and Red Air Hockey Pucks

This is a great package for your air hockey table set that comes with four paddles, eight red pucks, and 4 green pads for the pushers. The pushers and pucks are built with high-quality ABS polymer, very durable and long-lasting with the green felt pads. The felt pads are thick and smooth to provide you with fast action and smooth gliding without damaging the surface of your air hockey table.

The size of the paddles are 3.8” x 2.3” and the size of pucks is about 3.8” x 2.3”. This puck and pusher set is engineered properly for exciting gameplay and suits any standard air hockey table without any problem.

These pucks and pushers come at an amazing price and are designed for better stability and comfort. You can easily replace the old ones without having a second thought, being higher in quality than the ones that usually come with the game set.

3. Golden Field Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles

This is the perfect replacement set for your air hockey table. The package comes with two different specifications of pucks and works for tables with more than 4 feet of surface area.

The set consists of eight high-quality plastic pucks and four pushers. You can choose between the two sizes of the pucks according to the table size or for your personal preferences.

The Golden Field pucks and paddles set comes with a storage bag for easy storage and carrying the equipment with you conveniently.

4. Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and 2 Size Pucks

This is an amazing package of six pucks and two paddles at a very reasonable price. Made with high-quality ABS, it is hard but not brittle at all. It includes four pucks in a smaller size of 2.5 inches in diameter that weigh approximately 7 grams, and two large pucks at 2.95 inches in diameter that weigh approximately 20 grams.

This very cool replacement set of 6 pucks and 2 strikers is the perfect replacement for the set that came with your air hockey table. It’s a solution for the problem of puck size preferences as it includes two different sizes of pucks so you can choose whatever suits you and your table set.

The quality of the equipment is outstanding given the price bracket it falls in. The paddles are designed ergonomically for comfort and non-stop hours of air hockey action. The green felt bottom used for the paddles is very thick and smooth which does no harm to the surface of your table while providing smooth enhanced gliding action for exciting gameplay.

The package comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage of the equipment and carrying around. Besides all the perks you get from this product, Qtimal offers you complete support in case of any problem.

5. URATOT Air Hockey Pushers and Air Hockey Pucks Air Hockey Paddles

A perfect replacement package for your previous broken set of air hockey pucks and pushers, it includes 8 air hockey pucks, 8 flannelette pads that can replace the previously broken ones, and a set of 4 pushers each in a different color (i.e black, blue, green and red). The package comes with a drawstring bag for easy storage of your equipment.

These pusher and pucks are made with high-quality material, very light in weight, and sturdy. Made for non-stop air hockey without causing you any discomfort, the green pads for the pushers are thick for smooth gliding across the surface without scratching it.

6. ONE250 Air Hockey Pushers and Red Air Hockey Pucks

One250 air hockey pushers and pucks are made with ABS polymer and designed to provide a comfortable and exciting gameplay for you and your family.

The set includes four purple pucks 2.5 inches in diameter, two purple and two orange pucks that are 3.8” wide and 2.3” in height.

This cool air hockey pushers and pucks set would fit any standard air hockey table set.

7. Bignc Light Weight Air Hockey Black and Red Air Hockey Pushers

This premium set of air hockey paddles and pucks from Bignc is made with professional-quality material. It is light in weight and strong texture, comfortable to use for hours of air hockey action, and durable.

The package includes four air hockey paddles, four green pads, and eight pucks. A perfect replacement for the existing set and fits almost every standard size air hockey table. Each paddle comes with a green pad underneath for a smooth gliding action and protection of the surface of your table.

8. Mini Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles – Replacement Set Value Pack

The mini air hockey pucks and paddles set is a premium quality replacement set for your mini air hockey table. It is made with high-quality ABS polymer for more durability than usual sets that come along the table.

Mini air hockey pucks are 2 inches in diameter, while the paddles are 3 inches. It can easily be used with any standard mini air hockey table. The paddles have thick green cushions beneath to provide smooth gliding action and for protecting the table surface.

This package offers great value for your money as it includes 2 paddles, 2 green protective paddle felts, and four pucks in an amazing price bracket.

Replacement Air Hockey Pucks

1. Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement 2.5″ Pucks

Super Z air hockey pucks are made with high-quality plastic and designed for professional gameplay. They’re the perfect replacement for the previous equipment. These pucks are way better in quality than many others in the market.

These replacement pucks come red in color to be prominent on the white-colored surfaces of air hockey tables. They come in the perfect size to fit any standard air hockey table. The diameter is 2.5” and weighs only 13 grams.

2. ONE250 3 1/4 inch Air Hockey Pucks, Full Size Goal Packs Replacement

This is a great replacement option for you, a set of 8 pucks each 3.25 inches in diameter. These air-hockey pucks are made with high-quality ABS polymers, very durable and not brittle at all.

This package offers you a set of 6 premium quality air hockey pucks that are suitable for any standard air hockey table.

3. Air Hockey Paddles 12 Pieces Home Air Hockey Pucks

You can get a set of 12 high-quality pucks at an amazing price from Air Hockey Paddles  These pucks are made with ABS, professional quality, and durable. The pucks come along with a bonus drawstring bag, so storing this replacement equipment isn’t a problem.

The pucks measure 3.25 inches in diameter and weigh approximately 28 grams. They are suitable for a full-size air hockey table, able to sustain constant beating and don’t fly off the table more often due to appropriate size and weight.

They provide a fast-paced game with exciting gameplay and glide smoothly across the surface of your air hockey table.

4. Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set

This set of air hockey pucks from Dynamo are very high in quality, heavy, and durable. These pucks are designed for commercial air hockey tables, but you can buy this set for your home use for taking your air hockey experience to the next level.

The pucks measure 3.25 inches in diameter and weigh approximately 1.4 ounces – suitable for standard size air hockey tables. The largest size air hockey pucks available on the market, they are very heavy and durable for professional gameplay.

You can buy a set of two premium quality air hockey pucks from Dynamo at a great price to add to replace the old boring ones with these new commercial pucks.

5. Kasteco 12 Pack 2.5 Inch Air Hockey Pucks

If you happen to lose the puck or if the pucks that came along with your air hockey table have worn out, Kasteco replacement air hockey pucks are among the best options to look for.

Kasteco offers a pack of 12 2.5 inch air hockey pucks in three colors: red, black, and blue.

There are four pucks in each color, made with high-quality ABS polymer. The pucks are hard and not at all brittle, designed for hours of non-stop air hockey action. Suitable for mini air hockey tables.

Replacement Air Hockey Paddles

1. Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set

Dynamo offers a set of premium quality professional air hockey mallets. These paddles are specially designed for professional air hockey tables, but you can buy a set of two at a decent price for your home air hockey table to take your indoor sport up a notch.

These are premium quality paddles made for heavy-duty commercial use and can take hours of constant air hockey action without any issues. Designed ergonomically for comfortable and prolonged usage.

The size and weight of the pallets is perfect for home and commercial use. Weighing only 0.6 pounds, these paddles wouldn’t stress your arm for hours of air hockey, while measuring 4 L x 4” W x 3” H for delivering the appropriate amount of force to the puck.

2. Iconikal Air Hockey Replacement Puck Pusher Paddle Strikers

Iconikal offers the best replacement set of air hockey paddles for your home air hockey setup. You can get a set of 4 premium quality replacement air hockey paddles for an amazing price.

These paddles are made with quality non-brittle ABS polymers for durability and designed ergonomically for comfort. The felt bottom of the paddle allows smooth gliding across the table’s surface and prevents it from scratches. Ergonomically designed handles allow multiple grips and hand positioning.

Each of the four puck strikers in the package measures 3.75 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height.

3. Brybelly Set of Two Large 3 3/4 Inch Air Hockey Paddles for Full Size Air Hockey Tables

This large air hockey paddle set is perfect for full-size air hockey tables and would go in any home air hockey table. These are the right choice to go for if you are looking for sombrero style paddles for your air hockey table set.

This is an ideal set of paddles for your indoor air hockey setup or man cave. It features a high quality green felt-lined bottom to offer smooth gliding across the table top surface while protecting it from scratches. It is also designed ergonomically for comfort, allowing multiple grips and hand positions as per your preference.

These paddles are manufactured with premium quality non-brittle plastic for durability and holding up to constant air hockey action. Designed for commercial usage these are the largest size paddles available in the market, as each sombrero style paddle is 3.75 inches in diameter.

4. Brybelly Air Hockey Sombrero Style Paddles

Brybelly also offers a sombrero style air hockey paddles set for mini air hockey tables and indoor sets. These paddles are perfect for any standard size air hockey table. You can replace the previous worn out set with this new set of paddles from the Brybelly.

A perfect choice for indoor game setups and man caves, each sombrero style paddles features a green felt-lined bottom that is thick and higher in quality than those that come along with the indoor air hockey tables. These green pads protect your air hockey table’s surface from scratches and make the paddles glide smoothly over the surface to provide a fast-paced air hockey action. The handles are designed ergonomically for easy gripping and comfort, allowing multiple grips and hand positions.

Both these sombrero style paddles come in red color to look prominent on the surface of your table and measure 3 inches in diameter.

Final Thoughts

If you need to replace the pucks and paddles that came with your table, there are plenty of options available in a few different price brackets. Here we’ve covered the best air hockey paddles and pucks to help you find the right product for your needs.

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