Reviews of the Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids – 2022

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Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

Air hockey is a great game for the entire family, but younger kids may have a hard time playing on a full-size table. Fortunately, there are many mini and mid-size tables that are perfect for kids. These smaller tables are also ideal for small rooms and tight spaces that may not be able to accommodate a traditional full-size table. Additionally, the smaller tables are easy to move, making them more versatile.

Here you’ll find our reviews of the best air hockey tables for kids. You may also be interested in our reviews of the best air hockey tables and best air hockey paddles and pucks.

Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

1. Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

This Triumph air hockey table is the coolest table you can get for your kids. It’s the same thing you get to see in gaming arcades, only smaller. It has the same appearance as well as functionality of the bigger tables.

This air hockey table is designed for small spaces so that it is totally suitable for houses and can fit small rooms. You can set it up in your kid’s bedroom, the game room, or basements

Kids would love this beautifully designed gaming table. The colorful lights flash at the corners when a goal is scored and the led lights glow inside the hockey pushers and the puck. There is an electronic LED meter for keeping track of the action, and an abacus scoreboard on either side of the table.

The table is very aesthetically designed considering the size and functionality. It sits on four legs covered by crossed braces for extra stability and support. The material used is very fine in quality which makes it a great choice and a great value for your money.

The set comes with two LED air-hockey pushers one in red and another in blue color, and one LED puck. The pushers are beautifully designed for better grip and slide on the smooth surface  of the table without hindrance for hours of nonstop action.

This table is definitely our top choice, and we’re pretty sure it will be your kids’ top choice as well.

2. Lanos Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for a small arcade game that could be fun for you and your kids then the Lanos Air Hockey Table is the perfect choice.

The table stands at a height of 31 inches, suitable for both kids and adults for having hours of action. It’s an amazing design and smaller size (48 inches long) making it suitable for any small room, basements, or office. It’s built at just the right size to fit in tight spaces with sufficient playfield area so that the fun isn’t compromised a bit.

The table dimensions are 48 x 24 x 31 inches excluding the goalposts area. The playfield dimensions are 47 x 23 inches, and it weighs only 28 pounds.

This air hockey table set from Lanos is light in weight and smaller in size but very sturdy and stable. It’s also very easy to assemble with the tools provided and takes no more than 20 minutes. The set includes:

  • rubber padded levelers which are attached to the legs for stability and height adjustment
  • manual goal scorer
  • digital LED goal scorer

The electronic power airflow makes the puck slide smoothly on the surface of the table with every push. A 12V-AC motor fan is installed in the table set for simulating the fast action of arcade air hockey.

As it doesn’t require a lot of space to keep the table, setting it up doesn’t require a lot of time either. It can quickly be set up by installing the legs and goals to get started with the nonstop action. The table comes with all the required accessories to get the fun started instantly. The package includes two yellow pucks, two yellow paddles, and a power adapter.

The quality of material used by the manufacturers is premium. It’s made of high-quality dense fiber wood and supported by sturdy foam protected legs.

3. Best Choice Products 58 inches Mid-Size Arcade Style Air Hockey Table

This table is a beautifully designed mid-size hockey table that sits on a wooden structure with a PVC play surface on the top. The Best Choice Products arcade air hockey table is certified by ASTM and CPSIA, which means it is suitable and safe for kids and adults.

The table is made of high-quality composite wood and PVC supported by crossbar legs for better strength and stability, the legs stand on four rubber levelers for better grip during the gameplay. The four protective corners make it safe and more durable.

The set is equipped with a manual score bar on each side to keep the track of action as well as a digital LED scoreboard. Plus there is a puck dispenser on each side of the table which catches the puck every time a goal is scored.

The gameplay is phenomenal, thanks to the strong 12V DC motor installed inside the table that keeps the airflow evenly spread around the playfield, making the puck glide smoothly every time it’s pushed across the 54 inch-long table.

This is a fully loaded table that offers great value for your money. The package has everything you can need and more at such an amazing price. It includes two pucks, two air hockey paddles, a high-quality DC power adapter, and a bag to keep all the accessories safe and organized once done playing.

Best Choice Products make these tables quite smaller in size than the ones we see in the gaming arcades, yet providing enough surface area and height for you and your little ones to have the same fun and excitement at your home or office. The dimensions of the tables are 58 x 27 x 33 inches, which is quite suitable for ages above 8, making it a perfect choice for kids and adults.

4. Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is meant to simulate the excitement of the real sport (ice hockey) and hence the Hathaway Hat-Trick table is designed with this perspective. The quality of material and tech installed by the manufacturers is extraordinary and makes this product stand out.

The pucks that come with the table are the perfect weight for professional performance and slide smoothly on the playfield, making the gameplay enjoyable. There are over 1100 holes to provide a steady stream of airflow to the surface area which is generated by a 110V AC fan that produces a tremendous amount of power constantly. The surface of the table is poly sealed for durability and hours of continuous action.

The Hathaway air hockey table is a fusion of durability and performance. This table set is beautifully engineered and stands strong on the wooden legs with reinforced ends. The table is sturdy and stable for the toughest of competitions. Integrated leg levelers on the other hand provide an even playfield.

Standing at the height of 31 inches, this table is perfect for kids and adults. It comes with a manual and digital scoring system for making it simple for everyone. The dimensions of the playing surface are 47-in L x 23-in W x 5/8-in and the table measures  54-in L x 24-in W x 31-in H.

Being such an amazing deal at a great price, this game set comes with a 180 days manufacturer’s warranty. This means the table will arrive damage-free with all the necessary parts and accessories. If that’s not the case, the manufacturers will send you new replacement parts or replace the entire table with a new one without costing you a penny.

5. Air Hockey Tabletop Game Table

This product from Tabletop is the best solution for small spaces. It provides you with the complete fun and all the desired features of an air hockey table without consuming much space. It could be placed on any table and get started with or just placed on the floor and have an exciting air hockey match.

The table is light in weight and easy to carry around with you anywhere for instant air hockey matches, yet it offers 40 inches of playing surface without compromising the fun. The dimension of this game table set is 40 L x 20 W x 8 H inches.

There is a DC 12V motor to power the fan for providing sufficient airflow to the surface area for smooth gliding of the puck across the playfield. A manual scoring gauge is available on each side to keep track of the action and a puck dispenser that catches the puck every time a goal is scored.

It is easy to set up and get started with your mini hockey table. Attach the legs, goal posts and plug in the power adapter. That’s it! This mini air hockey table has everything you need for the fun to begin. The package includes two yellow paddles, two yellow pucks, and a power adapter that supplies 12V DC power to the electronics inside it.

The manufacturers offer you a 100% guarantee for satisfaction of this product. It comes with a 90-day warranty. You can get a replacement for your product or a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with your table.

6. Goplus Air Powered Hockey Table, LED Electronic Scoring Sports Game

The Goplus air hockey table is a beautiful and attractive design made with high-quality material for an exciting and stable indoor gaming experience.

This four-panel legged table is manufactured with premium MDF and PVC materials to ensure long-term durability and stable gameplay. The playfield offers 40 inches of smooth surface for an amazing gameplay. Despite being smaller in size and light in weight, this mini air hockey table does not compromise on stability and stands sturdy throughout the usage. There are no chances left for shaking or turbulence during the action.

Setting up the table couldn’t be any easier. The instruction manual that comes along with the package will guide you on how to simply assemble the table and it doesn’t require any additional tools.

The 12V DC motor provides constant airflow to the surface to reduce friction for the puck, hence allowing it to hover smoothly across the whole 40 inches of the surface. This air blowing feature along with the beautiful white top and the colorful graphics along the borders makes it feel like the real hockey rinks.

Keeping the score of action is not a problem with the Goplus air hockey table set as it consists of both an electronic LED scoreboard to accurately track the performance and a manual abacus score-bar option for personal preferences.

It comes with everything you need to get started with. The package includes two pucks, two air hockey paddles, a 12V power adapter, and an instructions manual.

7. Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

The Sport Squad air-hockey tabletop is an amazing product at an amusing price. It has everything you expect from an arcade air hockey table. It doesn’t require any assembly. Just attach the goal post and you can get started right away. It also offers 40 inches of play space without compromising the fun and excitement. The table could be carried around anywhere, placed on any table or even on the floor to play.

The gameplay is exceptional due to the evenly distributed airflow on the surface by the electric fan installed which is powered by a 12V DC motor. Powerful yet quiet, it doesn’t make any noise whatsoever and provides a smooth frictionless surface for the puck to glide across throughout hours of non-stop action.

The table is manufactured with high-quality MDF for durability, and non-marking air pads are used to protect the playing surface from scratches. The table dimensions are 40″L x 20″W x 5″H and it weighs 14 lbs.

Besides all these amazing features in such a small and cheap package, the manufacturers guarantee 100% satisfaction. The Sport Squad has a cooperative support team that is willing to listen and learn from your feedback. If you have any problems with the product or are not 100% satisfied with it they are always ready to help their customers out.

8. Best Choice Products 40in Portable Tabletop Air Hockey Arcade Table

This is a Beautifully-designed arcade air hockey tabletop with the versatility to make any table an exciting air hockey playfield. Light in weight, it is easy to carry and store, but has very powerful motors for constant airflow to the surface.

The Best Choice air-hockey table has a powerful 100V electric motor that properly use two air blowers pushing 40 PSI of airflow constantly to the surface for the puck to hover across the playfield smoothly without friction.

Abacus scorers are available on each side for keeping track of the performance and puck dispensers to catch the puck and deliver back each time a goal is scored. The package also includes two pucks and two pushers, everything you need to get the air hockey fun started.

The design is plain and elegant built with high-quality durable material for stable and sturdy gameplay. The overall dimensions of the table are 40″(L) x 20″(W) x 8.5″(H)

Final Thoughts

These mini air hockey tables for kids are the perfect choice for your game room. Although they’re smaller, adults can still have fun with them too. If you’re looking for a game that everyone will enjoy, you can’t go wrong with one of the best air hockey tables for kids.

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