Reviews of the Best Dart Cases – 2022

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Best Dart Cases

If you take darts seriously, you’ll definitely want to protect your darts. Dart cases can be used to hold the darts when they’re not in use. A good case can help to protect your darts whether they are simply in your own home or whether you are taking them somewhere else to play.

Dart cases are available in different sizes, shapes, and price points, with a wide range of features and different levels of quality. Some cases not only store the darts but are designed with extra pockets for flights and other accessories. You’ll find cases that have a hard covering to withstand the hardest hit while others have a soft casing that is flexible and easy to carry everywhere.

The Best Dart Cases

There are a lot of dart cases available but the best ones will be reliable, sturdy, and provide the best protection for your gear. To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best dart cases that you can buy today.

1. Casemaster The Pro Leatherette Dart Case

To protect, organize, and carry your darts, this elegant case is designed with enough space to store 9 darts or 3 complete sets. It you own this one, you have the best dart case in your hands.

Both steel tip and soft tip darts can nicely be fit into this case. The solid foam locks the darts in and prevents any breakage. The case has plenty of space that flights won’t need to be folded.

The case is made of leatherette material coating a hard resin interior to protect the dart and accessories from damages. It has expanded storage spaces with 15 pockets for extra flights.

Additional plastic containers with separate lids provide protection and management of extra tips and accessories. The sturdy and portable case can be carried anywhere for darting events.


  • Leather-Like Exterior Covering
  • Holds 9 Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts with 15 Built-in Pockets for Accessories
  • Plastic Tubes for Extra Protection
  • Containers for Even More Storage

2. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case

The lesion is designed to be a slim, stylish, and sturdy hard case. One side of the case holds 3 complete sets of darts and the other side has multiple options versatile storage. It has one plastic container for the storage of tips and small items and a large pocket for other accessories.

The lesion case is made up of light-weight aluminum that makes it more secure to withstand any shock, as compared to a softer case. This case has expanded storage spaces with 12 pockets for extra flights, a large pocket for storage of larger things, and ten mini pockets for shafts, dart wrenches, and small items. You’ll love all of the storage that you have at your disposal!

The case is designed in a nice way that both the soft-tipped and steel-tipped darts can be adjusted very well. The case also comes with an accessory pocket for ID cards, cash, credit cards, etc. The product is guaranteed with a 90-day warranty.


  • Holds 9 Steel Tip or Soft Tip Darts
  • Extra Space to Keep Flights in Shape
  • Numerous Pockets and Tubes for Storage of Accessories
  • Hard Aluminum Case for Superior Protection

3. Casemaster Elite Black Nylon Dart Carrying Case

The most comprehensive portable case with ample storage capacity is here, the Casemaster Elite Black Nylon Dart Carrying Case. It’s widely used by professionals because of its constructed from high-quality nylon fibers knitted around a hard resin shell that stand up to any knock and protect the darts from damages.

The distinguishing feature is that it has tons of storage capacity that suits darters including extra pockets for extra dart tips, six pockets for extra flights, and a large pocket. It can easily be carried everywhere when you are on your dart tour, or simply used to keep your darts and accessories organized and protected at home.

The case has a special dart place where the darts are tightly locked in solid foam to prevent them from moving and breaking. With sufficient space on both sides of the case, the flights can be placed in the case without folding. The case is ideal for both soft-tipped and steel-tipped darts storage.

Other smart features include plastic storage tubes with separate lids for the storage of spare tips and smaller accessories you need to take to darting events. The stylish designed case is backed by a 90-day guarantee. If you are serious about darts, this is an excellent choice.


  • Holds 9 Darts, Steel Tip or Soft Tip
  • Additional Pockets, Tubes, and Boxes for Extra Tips, Flights, and Shafts
  • Large Containers for Other Accessories
  • Solid Foam Insert Lock

4. Casemaster Classic Nylon Dart Carrying Case

This is another case that features a high-quality nylon outer layer over a touch and durable inner construction. This case provides sufficient storage space available for six darts, two complete sets. That’s not quite as much storage as some of the other cases, but when you’re looking for something more compact, this is an excellent choice.

It also includes a large pocket for other things you might want and six pockets for extra flights. It can easily be carried anywhere you go or left in your home game room for storing your darts and accessories.

The storage spaces are lined with solid foam where the darts are tightly locked to protect them from moving and breakage. The case is ideal for both soft-tipped and steel-tipped darts. You’ll also get additional plastic storage with lids to keep your accessories safe from damage. The case with a 90-day guarantee.


  • Case Covering from Tenacious Nylon
  • Adequate Storage in a Compact Design
  • Ideal for Both Steel and Soft Tip Darts
  • Holds 6 Darts
  • Numerous Other Accessories via Generous Storage Pockets
  • Tubes and Boxes

5. Target Darts Galaxy Aluminum Case

This may be the most durable case for protecting your accessories. The high-grade aluminum casing ensures high-quality protection of your darts. The material is scratch-resistant with a long-lasting finish and an elegant look.

The case has a powerful magnetic hidden lock that smoothly shuts the case. The soft-touch foam secures your flights, darts, and shaft while keeping ease of access to darts and accessories. The case is laser engraved with the target logo.

It provides sufficient storage for the essential items, but does not have excessive storage options like some of the other cases on this list.


  • Strong Aluminum Structure
  • Hidden Magnetic Locks
  • Shafts and Flights Securely Held
  • Laser Engraved Target Logo

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6. Red Dragon Firestone Wallet & Red Dragon Checkout Card

The Red Dragon Firestone offers sufficient space for the complete set of darts and its accessories including flights, tips, or replacement shafts. This is a very compact case that takes up minimal space and still allows you to store and protect the essential elements.

The covering of the case is black in color and bears the logo of red dragon. The double-zipped large wallet holds all the accessories in one secure place. The case has multiple compartments for extra items. The covering is quite hard which protects the darts from external pressure.

While it’s not the best option if you need large amounts of storage, it’s a great choice for a smaller case.


  • Multiple Compartments
  • Double-Zipped Large Wallet
  • Finished with Red Leather Effect Spine

7. COSMO Darts Fit Flight Case

This is an ideal carrying case that holds your dart and accessories including shafts, dart tips, and flights quite securely and protected.

It has enough space to hold 8 tips and a player card. It’s available in elegant designs and colors. The case includes a carabiner clip through which it can be easily hung anywhere and easily accessible.

The case is perfect for storing both soft-tip and steel-tip darts. The inside of the case even has extra storage space for other items. The case tightly stores the flights and shaft and protects them from folding. It has a Velcro closure and is ideal for anyone using molded dart flight set up.


  • Fit Container for Your Full Dart Set
  • Store a Set of Darts, 8 Tips and Shafts, and a Player Card
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Perfect for Both Soft or Steel-Tip Darts
  • Store Fully Assembled Dart Sets Without Bending Your Flights or Shafts

8. Target Darts Takoma XL Wallet Aqua

This is a small size elegant wallet that has enough space for holding 2 sets of fully assembled darts. The covering is quite thick and hard which gives it rigidity to protect the darts from external pressure.

The inside of the wallet is lined with a velvet layer for a soft feel and to be resistant to scratch. Inside the case are two zip locked pouches for holding spare items.


  • Holds 2 Sets of Fully Assembled Darts
  • Hard Case Shell
  • Two Zip Locked Pouches

9. HARROWS ACE Silver Grey Darts Case

This is another small, eegant case. It has enough space to hold 3 sets of fully assembled darts.

The covering is very strong and durable to effectively protect your gear. Inside the case is one large pouch for holding accessories. The case tightly stores the flights and shaft and to protect them from folding. It has a slim profile and is easy to carry around.


  • Elegant and Slim Case
  • Storage of 3 Sets of Fully Assembled Darts
  • Hard Covering
  • Easy to Carry
  • Additional Pouch for Accessories

10. Casemaster Deluxe 6 Dart Nylon Storage/Travel Case

This deluxe 6 dart case features a slim and classy design with a tough flexible exterior. The case is made up of tough nylon fibers to protect darts from moisture and breakage.

One side of the case holds 6 darts or two complete sets, and the other side has multiple pockets for storage of flights. The slim design makes it convenient to carry. The perfect fit slots are designed to minimize the movement of the darts to protect them from damages. It’s available in attractive pink color (or black) at a reasonable price.


  • Tough Flexible Exterior
  • Storage for Holding Six Darts, Two Complete Sets
  • Easy to Carry
  • Slim Profile
  • Perfect Fit Slots
  • Additional Storage Space for Extra Flights

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dart Case

The materials used in the manufacturing of dart cases are plastic, aluminum, nylon, leather, and wood

Plastic Dart Cases

Plastic dart cases are lightweight and cheap in price. It gets the job done while maintaining some flexibility. However, it can be susceptible to bending and scratching and therefore the plastic quality is important to consider.

Aluminum Dart Cases

Unlike plastic, aluminum casing is more durable and hard, offering superior protection. Aluminum cases tend to be very stylish. It provides high-quality protection but it’s not flexible and if gets hit or pressed with something it is prone to dent. Additionally, aluminum cases tend to be expensive compared to plastic.

Nylon Dart Cases

Nylon is widely used because of its durability, waterproof qualities, and scratch-resistant properties. It’s more flexible than aluminum and plastic and it will get its previous shape if pressed. However, nylon is a soft material therefore a hard internal casing is provided with nylon to protect the darts.

Leather Dart Cases

Leather (or faux leather) cases are elegant and luxurious while protect the darts. It is flexible, dent protective, and water-resistant (not waterproof) but very sensitive to scratching. It’s also expensive comparative to most of the other options.

Wood Dart Cases

Wood dart cases are very hard and long-lasting. Wood cases are also rare and luxurious. It will not scratch and not dent, however, it is very heavy and bulky. It needs a lot of care, possibly painting and varnishing.

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