Reviews of the Best Dart Flights – 2022

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Best Dart Flights

If you’re new to darts you probably haven’t given much thought to the different types of dart flights that are available. There are actually several different shapes and sizes that you can choose from, depending on your needs and your throwing style.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best dart flights that are available and the advantages of each.

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Standard Dart Flights

The standard shape is the most common, and also the largest. The larger size of the flight causes added drag, slowing down the flight of the dart. This helps to minimize the impact of throwing angles that aren’t perfect. In general, the larger flights are more forgiving. If you don’t like to throw your darts with a lot of force, a large, standard flight may be an ideal choice.

Slim Dart Flights

Slim flights have a similar shape to standard flights, but are not as wide. The smaller size reduces drag and allows the darts to fly through the air faster. If you like to throw darts with some force, or if you use lightweight darts, a slim flight may be the ideal choice for you. They are often used with soft-tipped darts, because soft-tipped darts tend to be lighter than steel-tipped darts.

Kite or Lantern Dart Flights

Kite and lantern dart flights are both smaller than standard flights, but larger than slim flights. You’ll get more throwing speed than you would get with a standard flight, but less than you would get with a slim flight.

Teardrop Dart Flights

Teardrop flights are on the smaller side, although not as small as slim flights. They help to keep the tail of the dart down.

General Rules

In general, larger flights are better for heavy darts (often steel tip) or if you like to loft or lob the dart rather than throwing it with force.

And in general, smaller flights are better for light darts (often soft tip) or if you prefer to throw the darts hard with force.

Another factor that you’ll want to consider is texture. Dart flights can be very smooth or textured. Smooth flights will create less drag and fly a little faster.

Of course, if you are concerned about getting the best dart flights, you’ll also want to have quality darts. See our reviews of the best darts. And you’ll also want a good dartboard. See our reviews of the best dartboards.

The Best Dart Flights

Now that we’ve talked about the details of dart flights and the different options and styles, let’s take a look at some good options in case you are looking for a set of flights (and the good news is that none of them will break the budget).

1. Winmau Standard Extra Thick Dart Flights

Winmau is one of the leading names in darts, and this set of standard flights is an excellent choice. They are extra thick and very durable. The pack comes with 3 sets (9 flights). There are a wide variety of different designs available that you can choose.

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2. Dart Brokers Thick, Dimpled Standard Flights

These standard flights from Dart Brokers are thick and durable. The package comes with 3 sets (9 flights), all with an American flag design. If you’re looking for quality standard dart flights, this is a good option.

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3. Harrows Retina Slim Dart Flights

If you’re looking for good quality slim flights, these from Harrows are a good choice. There are 5 sets (15 flights) included, and the price is very reasonable. These are thick and durable, and they will hold up well. Although they are thick, they are still light.

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4. Ruthless Extra Strong Standard Dart Flights

This package from Ruthless includes 10 sets (30 flights) of standard dart flights. They are thick and strong. All of these flights are the same, this is not a variety pack.

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5. CUESOUL 15 Sets of Slim Dart Flights

This big pack includes 15 sets (45 flights) all in a slim design. There are a variety of different designs but they are mostly the same size and shape. These flights are ideal for light, soft-tipped darts.

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6. CavalierDarts – 25 Sets of Nylon Dart Flights

This pack from CavalierDarts is a good choice if you want to try out a lot of different dart flights, including standard and slim. Finding the right flight for you can require some experimentation. This pack is priced very affordably and comes with 25 sets (75 flights) of different styles and shapes. You’ll have plenty of flights for several people to play in your game room, and you’ll be able to try different styles and see what you prefer.

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How to Choose the Right Dart Flights

If you have been playing darts for a while, maybe you already know whether you prefer a larger (standard) flight or a slim flight. If you’re still finding your preference, we recommend a variety pack like the one from Cavalier Darts. With the variety pack, you can try several different styles to see what you prefer, rather than paying more for a high-quality flight that might not be the best dart flights for you.

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