Review of the Best Electronic Dart Scoreboards – 2022

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Best Electronic Dart Scoreboards

When you’re playing darts with friends and family, keeping track of the score can be a challenge. Of course, you can use a pen and paper to calculate and keep track of the score, but if you want an easier way to do it, you could use an electronic dart scoreboard. The scoreboard will keep track of the scores of up to 8 players so you can eliminate the need for any manual work.

What is an Electronic Dart Scoreboard?

Electronic darts scoreboards can be used to track the score when you’re playing with friends or even practicing on your own, as opposed to calculating and keeping track of the score manually. Most electronic dartboards come with a scoreboard built-in, but what if you’re using a traditional bristle dartboard? Typically, you’d have to keep track of the score on your own. That’s where the electronic dartboard comes in. These scoreboards are not fully automated. You’ll enter the result of each throw but the electronic scoreboard will automatically calculate and display the score.

Some of these machines have options for solo play so you can compete against the machine. The scorer will show you multiple games with hundreds of variations. Once you decide to play a game, you are ready to go. After each player completes the round, he simply presses the segment of the virtual dart scoreboard that corresponds with the result of the throw.

Most scorers are battery powered with an optional power adapter that can be plugged in, to avoid the need for batteries. Some electronic darts scoreboards have voice prompt options that notify other player when the first player completes his/her round. Some of these devices also have an interesting feature to play with friends remotely through a wi-fi connection. The friend will send their score and you will input yours and the winner will be declared. These devices are portable and can be moved as needed.

Why Buy an Electronic Dart Scoreboard?

The benefit of having an electronic scoreboard is simply ease of use. When you’re playing darts, you want to be having fun and not worrying about math and keeping track of the score. While you can use a pen and paper or scorecards that involve writing the score, that might be more work than you’d like. An electronic scoreboard removed the need for you to worry about the score. To put it simply, the electronic scoreboard can make the game more fun.

You might think that an electronic scoreboard is an unnecessary luxury, but they’re actually very affordable. If you play darts frequently, it’s easy to justify the low cost.

How to Choose the Electronic Dart Scoreboard That’s Right for You

Below, we’ll show the best options that you can choose from, but it will be up to you to decide which one is right for you. Of course, you’ll need to consider the price and budget as one of the factors. You’ll also want to think about the features included (like the number of games that you can play with it, and other details related to the way it works). You’ll also want to consider the convenience or usefulness since that is the primary motivation for purchasing this item.

The Best Electronic Dart Scoreboards

Here are the top three options that you should consider.

1. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

The best digital scoreboard that you can find is the viper pro digital dart scorer. The ideal small size of 5″ L x 1.5″ W x 10.25″ H means that you won’t need much space to operate with the function of the backlit LCD monitor.

Playing games with this scoreboard is very relaxing as you do not need chalk or to calculate the score. The accurate and error-free scoring is possible through the smart navigation control panel. It runs only on 3 AA batteries and therefore requires no electric connection or wires. This means that you wall will look cleaner with unsightly wires, plus it increases the portability of the device.

The scorer is packed with a total of 40 games and more than 600 options to select. Up to 8 players can play for each game with a handicaps option also available.  There is also a solo mode for those times when you want to practice or for when you don’t have anyone to play with you.

The adjustable mounting system can be put on the wall in different positions. The soft keypad scorer also works very well with clear and easy operation.

An interesting function of this scoreboard is that if you walk away without turning it off it is designed with an auto-off function that saves the battery power. The Viper Pro Score Digital Dart Scorer is a great scoreboard because its price is half of the next item on our list. And aside from the price, it’s features make it an excellent choice.

2. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer

This dart scoreboard is eye-catching, stylish, and useful. At 18 x 8 x 1.25 inches, it’s significantly larger than the scoreboard from Viper.

The Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer can keep a record of 8 players with 24 games to play and with a wide range of gaming options (132). For example, the cricket game has 5 versions or variations that you can choose.

Other interesting options of this scorer include solo play, player handicap, and sleep mode. The vibrant 4 slot LED displays the game’s scores. It has the function of voice features that notify players when to throw. Moreover, the product comes with an AC adapter to be plugged in, or it works with batteries. You’ll appreciate having both options.

All the buttons are clearly labeled and provided with a traditional pro bristle board for clarity. You can add handicaps for the players which provides a chance for new players to compete experts and still have fun.

The setup is very easy and the scorer can be mounted in any direction. No doubt that this is a high-tech scorer and if you are not on a tight budget, this is an excellent choice. In summary, the Arachnid scorer is the most popular scorer and if you are looking for the best dart scorer with the most features, be sure to take a good look at this one.

3. Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer

This touchpad dart scorer automatically displays the score for multiple game types and multiple players. It’s very simple and easy to use and looks great on your game room wall.

The touch pad has many segments and is connected with a controller and when you just hit the touch pad segment your finger or dart, it allows the device to display the scores for up to 8 players and for 18 types of games including shoot out, hi-score, round the clock, league 301, countdown, and more. This scorer works with a traditional bristle board with a vibrant LCD display.

Dart fans will love the extra features of this machine which include voice prompts function for the next player, player rankings, sleep mode, single in/out and double in/out function, and four cricket games. It runs on both 3 AA batteries and AC power (plugged in) and its size measures by 6 x 10.5 x 0.75 inches (W x H x D). The device is backed with a 1-year warranty. In summary, this is a great option at a very affordable price.

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While an electronic dart scoreboard is not an absolute necessity, it can definitely make your games more enjoyable be eliminating the need to keep score manually. If you play darts frequently, this is an accessory that you might want to purchase.

In this article, we highlighted three of the best electronic dart scoreboards. Each of them is more than capable of getting the job done, but our top choice is the Viper ProScore because of price and an excellent range of features.

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