Reviews of the Best Ping Pong Nets and Posts – 2022

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Best Ping Pong Nets

Ping pong is a favorite game of kids and adults alike. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, a way to entertain friends, or simply a fun thing to practice on your own, ping pong is sure to provide plenty of fun.

Adding a ping pong table to your house is the perfect way to ensure that friends and family love spending time at your house. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, you need a decent net in order to play. While most tables will come with a net, most of those nets are not very good. You may find that it sags or droops, which can hurt the quality of play. If you want to replace with a better net, or if your net has worn out and is no longer usable, there are plenty of options.

The page will cover the best ping pong nets and posts that you can buy to use with your own table. You may also be interested in our reviews of the best ping pong tables, best mini ping pong tables, best ping pong paddles, and best ping pong balls.

Ping Pong Net and Post Sets

If you need the net and the posts, you can buy them in packs that come together. At the end of the article we’ll also list a few nets that you can buy without the posts, but for now, let’s look at the best net and post combos.

1.   Joola Spring Professional Table Tennis Net And Post

This set offers great value for your money, professional quality, and ease of use. The Joola Spring Table Tennis Net is very heavy duty compared to the quality of nets that come with the tables. It has passed all the professional testing requirements and is approved and authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation. If you’re a serious player, this is the net for you.

It comes with a spring-activated clamp system which makes it easier to move the net over when folding the table or move back when setting it back up. It also allows you to adjust the height and net tension with the additional gauge.

2.   Stiga Premium VM Table Tennis And Post

The Stiga Premium Table Tennis Net is another tournament quality net used in various international tournaments. It comes from the classic Swedish table tennis company STIGA, which started producing table tennis equipment in 1944 and today is established as one of the largest brands in table tennis.

Stiga nets are made of high-quality cotton. Eliminating discrepancies over netted shots, the tension adjusting system makes it easier to adjust the height and tension of the net to ensure a firm net for tournament play. The pack includes a regulation measuring tool.

Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. This is another excellent choice for any competitive ping pong player.

3.   Butterfly National League Table Tennis Net Set

A beautifully designed tournament quality net that doesn’t even cost you a lot, the Butterfly National League Table Tennis Net represents a great value. It’s very sturdy and the height is adjustable. It comes with large circular clamps which are a great help in covering any gaps to get the net in the perfect position.

The Butterfly net set is the real deal, recommended for people taking their experience to the next level. The chain at the end of the net helps you adjust the tension and there is a gauge to adjust the height precisely.

4.   JOOLA Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The Joola Avanti is one of the best-sellers because of the reasonable price and all the perks of a professional ping pong net set.

The Avanti covers all the basics like collapsible posts for easy storage and the most professional features such as net tension and height adjustment capabilities. It falls into the 2nd tier of products in our list, but is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality product without breaking the bank.

This post set can accommodate most of the table tennis tables and comes with a wide metal frame. The clamps are covered with rubber to protect your table and to fix firmly so it won’t move.

5.   JOOLA Snapper Professional Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The Snapper is one of the best options if you are looking for a high-quality net set at a cheap price. It is one of the best-sellers from Joola because of its durability.

Very sturdy and heavy-duty, this net is easy to set up with the clamps and set back off. It comes with an easy storage zipper bag making it easier for you to carry the equipment wherever you need to take it.

This set provides you with real quality and comes with all the professional features like tension and height adjustments, it is the same equipment used by the professionals at the entry-level matches at the Olympics.

6.   DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set

This table tennis net set is cheaper and yet more durable than most of the equipment that comes with the ping pong tables.

The DHS net comprises all the tournament standards like height adjustment gauge and ball chain at the end to maintain the accurate net tension and a regulation height measuring tool.

Although it’s a little harder to set up than our higher-rated nets, the material used for the brackets is very heavy duty and even in professional use, it would last for years. The net itself might need to be replaced in a couple of years but at this price, this is a very sturdy table tennis set you should consider.

7.   STIGA Premium Clipper 72” Regulation Table Tennis Net and Post Set

This product from Stiga is for ping pong players looking forward to taking their experience to an advanced level.

The net is designed in such a way that when it’s attached to a 5 feet wide table, the net extends 6 inches past each side, creating a total width of 72 inches as per the ITTF standards.

It can be easily clamped with any standard table and the net tension is adjustable.

8.   JOOLA Retractable Portable Table Tennis Net and Post Set

The JOOLA retractable net set is a portable kit easy to set up with the button clamps. You can extend the net which comes with a no-tangle design and rolls tightly to set back and carry anywhere you want.

The amazing design makes it easy to set up your ping pong table on any surface. The button clamp feature and adjustable length of the net make it possible to play ping pong on any table.

It is able to clamp on a surface up to 1.75 inches thick and expands up to 5.75 feet wide, which is more than a standard ping pong table.

9.   JP WinLook Ping Pong Net – 2 Pack; Retractable Table Tennis Nets & Post Set

Like the previous set, this piece of equipment makes it possible for you to turn any tabletop into a ping pong table. Simply clamp down with the button and extend the net to any length on the table and have an instant ping pong match.

The rubber clamps can be attached to any surface up to 2 inches thick and the net extends up to 5 feet, like a professional table tennis net. It automatically retracts to roll closed for compact storage. The set comes with a small pouch kit and could be easily carried anywhere you want.

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Nets Only

If you have posts and your net has worn out, you can buy replacement nets without the post.

1.   Butterfly Replacement Table Tennis Net

This high-quality replacement net from Butterfly is designed on the ITTF standards with the regulation length of 72 inches.

2.   Killerspin Net Replacement

Killerspin replacement nets are 100% cotton and high in quality, up to tournament standards.

It could be set up on any standard net post and comes with ball chain setup to adjust the net tension.

3.   Cosmos Black Color Table Tennis Replacement Net

Cosmos table tennis nets are a great replacement for your existing equipment. It’s easy to slide on the existing net post for a quick setup. Made with pure polyester and cotton, this net offers a great value for your money.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a serious ping pong player, you’ll definitely want to have a quality net that gives you control over the tension and height. The best ping pong nets and posts provide you with that control, and as you’ve seen on this page, there are some affordable options. And if you have the posts and you only need to replace the net, you’ll have some options for that too.

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