Dartboard Surrounds and Wall Protectors

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dartboard surrounds

A dartboard is a great addition to any gameroom. It’s a fun game to play casually with a friend or family member, or for a competitive game with two players, or even several teams.

If you have a dartboard in your home you will want to be sure to protect the wall to prevent damage.A dartboard surround will help to absorb darts that miss the board and would otherwise hit the wall.

We recommend electronic dartboards and soft-tipped darts for most home users, party because they are less likely to harm your walls as compared to steel-tipped darts. But even with soft-tipped darts you should still use a surround to protect the wall.

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There are several different types of dartboard surrounds and wall protectors, and we’ll talk about each of them. None is necessarily better than the others, it’s just a matter of what works well for your gameroom.

Different Types of Dartboard Surrounds:


A circular dartboard surround basically just extends the diameter of the board. It simply goes around the outside of the board and gives an extra buffer for darts that miss the scoring area. Circular surrounds are inexpensive and keep a clean look. They can be made of several different types of material, but most are tightly-packed foam.


Octagonal surrounds are essentially the same as circular surrounds, except they have a slightly different shape. The ones from Dart-Stop protect a larger area than most circular surrounds.

Extended Size

There are other types of surrounds that protect a larger area of the wall. These types of extended surrounds are especially helpful if kids or beginners are going to be playing, as they is a great chance of darts that miss the board by a greater distance.

Wood Framed

A wood framed surround can add a nice decorative touch to your gameroom. They come in different sizes and varieties.

Bristle Dartboards with Cabinets

Another option is to buy a dartboard that comes with a cabinet. The cabinets have doors that open and close, and they also give you a little added protection for the wall. You can open the doors when you want to play, and close the doors when you’re done. Many people prefer the look of the cabinet to a standard dartboard and surround.

Electronic Dartboards with Cabinet

If you’re looking for a dartboard with a cabinet, you can get either a bristle dartboard or an electronic dartboard, as there are several options for both. The electronic dartboard typically include a scoreboard that will automatically display the score as you’re playing.

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