37 DIY Ideas for Your Home Gameroom

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DIY Gameroom Ideas

Having a gameroom in your home is great for entertaining the family, especially if you have kids, and for hosting fun parties and gatherings. But having a gameroom full of fun things to do can get expensive. If you’re looking to have fun and save some money, there are a lot of DIY possibilities.

If you’re the type of person who likes do-it-yourself projects, you’re sure to find some great ideas here. This page features 37 different DIY projects that are perfect for your own gameroom. Some are pretty simple, others are more involved and complex. But you’ll certainly find something that interests you.

Not only can DIY projects help you to save some money, but they also allow you to give your gameroom more of a personal touch and add your own style. Now, let’s take a look at the possibilities.

DIY Gameroom Ideas

Air Hockey Table

Air hockey is a gameroom favorite for kids and adults alike. This project uses a Shopvac to create a mini air hockey table that kids will love. Read the article or watch the video below for instructions.

via I like to Make Stuff

Homemade Skeeball Game

Skeeball is a great game, but very few people are able to have skeeball in their home. Well, with the help of these instructions you can create your own and make it happen.

via Instructables

Skee Ball Machine

Here is another option for making your own skee ball machine. This one is a little more involved, but the end result is awesome.

via Instructables

Ping Pong Table

This mini ping pong table is sure to be a popular item in your gameroom, and best of all, it’s actually pretty simple to make.

via The Idea Room

DIY Ping Pong Table

Ping Pong Paddle and Ball Holder

Help to keep your gameroom organized and clutter-free by making this case / holder for your ping pong paddles and balls.

via JonPeters.com

Ping Pong Basketball Game

Here’s a fun little game you can make that kids will enjoy. Use ping pong balls and some simple materials to create a basketball game.

via 504 Main

Make a Foosball Table with 3D Printing

This project uses wood for the table and a lot of 3D printed items to create the foosball table. This is a bit more ambitious of a project, but a foosball table is a pretty popular item to have for your gameroom.

via I Like to Make Stuff

Foosball Table Plans

Want to build a foosball table without the 3D printing? Here you’ll find some plans and instructions for a more traditional foosball table.

via Foosball.com here and here

Foosball Table Plans

Mini Foosball Table

This is a simple, fun game that kids will enjoy. All you need is some basic materials and a little bit of time.

via Our Daily Ideas

Mini Foosball Table

Wood Dart Board Case

Dartboards are a popular choice for gamerooms. You will probably want some sort of surround to protect your walls from damage. This wood dart board case can help to protect your wall, to keep your gameroom looking nice when the dartboard is not in use… And it looks great too!

via Dremel.com

Wood Dart Board Case

Pallet Dart Board

Here is another great option for a dartboard surround. This one is kind of similar, but without the doors.

via 1001Pallets.com

Pallet Dart Board Case

Dartboard Surround

And one more option for a dartboard surround. This one has a circular design.

via Naptime Decorator

Dart Board Surround

Shuffleboard Table

A shuffleboard table is a great addition to your gameroom. Here you’ll see step-by-step how this DIY table was made.

via Imgur

Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard Table

And here is another option for making your own shuffleboard table.

via DoItYourself.com

Shuffleboard Table

Pool Table

Obviously, a pool table is a gameroom favorite in many houses. If you’re ambitious and you have some skills, here you’ll find plans that you can use to make your own pool table.

via WoodArchivist.com

Build a Pool Table

Pool Cue Rack

If you already have a pool table, here is a simple idea for a nice rack to hold your pool cues.

via homeMNprovement

DIY Pool Cue Holder

Indoor Putting Green

Golfers will love this indoor putting green! It’s fairly simple to create and will provide hours of entertainment and practice.

via The Sand Trap

Indoor Putting Green

Plinko Board

Here’s a different idea for a fun addition to your gameroom. Using pegboard you can create your own plinko board.

via 100Things2Do.ca

Plinko Board

Custom Gaming Tables

This is a fairly simple project for creating your own gaming table.

via KGD Craftermath

Game Table

Custom Gaming Table

And another option for creating a nice gaming table.

via Imgur

Custom Gaming Table

Basketball Hoop

Whether you want this as a decorative piece, or if you want it so kids can play on it, this basketball hoop is sure to add something to your gameroom.

via My Sweet Savannah

Basketball Hoop

Build a Bar

A bar is a great addition to a gameroom, but it can also be an expensive addition. If you want to save some money and still get a great bar, follow this plan.

via This Old House

Build a Bar

Board Gamers Coffee Table

For board game lovers, this coffee table is very functional and a nice addition to the gameroom.

via BuildSomething.com

Board Gamer's Coffee Table

Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table

Here is another option for a fun coffee table with some storage.

via Mico.co.za

Rubik's Cube Coffee Table

Arcade Marquee Lightbox

Anything arcade-related is a great idea for your home gameroom. Make this marquee lightbox and it is likely to be a favorite.

via MakeIt

Bar Top Arcade Cabinet

This small arcade cabinet is sure to be a hit in any gameroom.

via I Like to Make Stuff

Arcade Cabinet

Here is another tutorial for creating an arcade cabinet, also from I Like to Make Stuff. This one is larger, and it is actually a 3-part article and video series.

via I Like to Make Stuff (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Pegboard Candy Dispenser

This is a simple idea for a fun addition to your gameroom. The only problem will be keeping it stocked!

via Best100-HomeDecorPics.us

Pegboard Candy Dispenser

Snack Station

This snack station is another great option. It’s fairly simple, but will add a nice touch… And everyone loves snacks.

via Coupons4Utah.com

DIY Snack Station

Baseball Curtain Rod Ends

For the baseball fan, this idea for curtain rod ends will be a nice touch.

via TrishSutton.com

Baseball Curtain Rod

Built in Book Shelves

Storage is an important part of a gameroom. Built-ins can be quite expensive if you are hiring a professional. This project uses Ikea shelves to create nice built-ins that look great, function well, and aren’t that difficult to create. The shelves are perfect for storing games, movies, and CDs.

via Blesser House

DIY Built-Ins

Skateboard Shelves

These clever skateboard shelves aren’t difficult to make and can add a nice touch to your room.

via The Crafted Sparrow

Skateboard Shelves

Gamecube Shelf

Here is a creative idea for a storage shelf.

via 9gag.com

Gamecube Shelf

Playroom Kids Table

If you have young kids, this child-size table is perfect for giving them a place to color, paint, or play games.

via Shanty 2 Chic

Kids Play Table

Lego Table

Take a traditional table and convert it into a Lego table that kids will love.

via Domestic Imperfection

Lego Table

Gaming Coffee Table

Here’s a functional coffee table that will give you some storage and look great in your gameroom.

via Imgur

Gaming Coffee Table


Let’s face it, gamerooms can be loud. If the noise from your gameroom is an issue, you may want to consider soundproofing. Here is a practical way to do it yourself.

via DIYProjects.com

DIY Soundproofing

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