Best Multi-Game Tables

Reviews of the Best Multi-Game Tables – 2021

Two of the biggest challenges for home game lovers are 1) how to make the most of limited space in a gameroom, and 2) how to afford multiple games and tables on a budget. A multi-game table can be the solution to both of these challenges.

Instead of simply adding a ping pong table or an air hockey table to your gameroom, imagine being able to add two, three, or even more games that can be played and enjoyed! When you want a lot of variety without breaking the bank, or when you don’t have the space in your home for lots of different games and tables, this is the way to go.

On this page you’ll find rankings and reviews of some of the best multi-game tables available. A lot of these tables feature different games, so of course your choice will also be dictated by the the games that you, your family, and your friends like to play.

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Reviews of the Best Folding Pool Tables – 2021

A folding pool table is an excellent choice for your home game room because it will provide plenty of entertainment, for kids or adults, and offer lots of flexibility. Some folding pool tables are smaller than full-size tables, making them a better option for smaller spaces. Additionally, the folding tables can be stored and take […]

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Best Mini Pool Tables

Reviews of the Best Mini Tabletop Pool Tables – 2021

Pool tables are among the most popular types of game tables for providing hours of entertainment, but they take up a lot of space and they’re expensive. If you don’t have enough space for a full-size pool table or if you’re looking for a more affordable option, a mini tabletop pool table could be a […]

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Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids

Reviews of the Best Air Hockey Tables for Kids – 2021

Air hockey is a great game for the entire family, but younger kids may have a hard time playing on a full-size table. Fortunately, there are many mini and mid-size tables that are perfect for kids. These smaller tables are also ideal for small rooms and tight spaces that may not be able to accommodate […]

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Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles

Reviews of the Best Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles – 2021

While air hockey tables typically come with paddles and pucks, there are several scenarios where you may need to buy them separately. If your paddles or pucks have been lost or broken, or if you just want better quality (the ones that come with the tables are usually not very good), you can buy replacements. […]

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Best Pool Table Covers

Reviews of the Best Pool Table Covers – 2021

Buying a pool table for your home is a significant investment, so you’ll definitely want to take care of it. One of the easiest ways to care for your table and to protect it from damage is to make use of a cover. Even the best pool table covers are very reasonably priced, especially compared […]

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How to Play 8-Ball Pool

How to Play 8-Ball Pool: Rules of the Game

8-ball is the most popular variation of pool and favorite form of entertainment for many people. Are you interested in playing 8-ball but you don’t understand exactly how it works? Then fret, no more. You’re in the right spot. This guide will completely explain the game so you’ll know how to play 8-ball after reading […]

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How to Rack Pool Balls

How to Rack Pool Balls for 6 Different Games

Pool is one of the most popular games in homes or at the bar, and being able to properly rack the pools balls is an essential part of getting the game started. Badly racked balls can completely change the course of the game, so although this may seem like a trivial details, it’s actually very […]

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Best Mini Ping Pong Tables

Reviews of the Best Mini Ping Pong Tables – 2021

Ping pong is easily one of the most popular games you can add to your home. With the addition of a table, you’ll be able to entertain your family for hours on end, make your parties more fun for guests, and make your home the place where kids and teens want to hang out. Unfortunately, […]

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Best Ping Pong Nets

Reviews of the Best Ping Pong Nets and Posts – 2021

Ping pong is a favorite game of kids and adults alike. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fun family activity, a way to entertain friends, or simply a fun thing to practice on your own, ping pong is sure to provide plenty of fun. Adding a ping pong table to your house is the […]

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