Reviews of the Best Pool Cue Racks – 2022

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Best Pool Cue Racks

It is essential to ensure that storing and handling of gaming equipment is done properly, and with the right tools. For instance, most pool and billiards cues end up getting damaged by players by accidentally stepping on them. Luckily, it is avoidable by investing in a cue rack that will properly store the gaming equipment.

When you’re deciding on the best cue rack, several factors need to be considered including the cost, storage space and material from which it is made. This article will outline the best pool cue racks, ranked in order, to help you make a decision on the one meets your requirements, so that you can protect your sticks and keep your gaming room organized.

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Best Pool Cue Racks:

1. Hathaway Classic Floor Billiard Pool Cue Rack

It is a classic hardwood rack that gives your room a new feel. It enables you to keep your playing accessories organized and close to the table. It also has a convenient built-in drink holder and excellent storage which holds ten cues and a set of balls. It’s a perfect solution for your billiard storage needs. To add on the comfort, you can easily take drinks while enjoying the game. It is durable, easy to set up and has lovely wooden notches that cover the screw holes.


  • Holds ten pool cues and a set of billiard balls
  • Made from solid wood
  • Available in mahogany or antique walnut
  • Four In-built drink holders
  • Hook for hanging ball rack
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2. Cue Rack Only Billiard Finish

It is made of wood and has a black finish that is appealing when the balls and sticks are added. It includes the hook for holding brush and ball rack, but cues and balls are not included in the package. You will be needed to assemble the rack, but the process is natural, hence no worries.


  • Holds ten cues and a full set of balls and accessories
  • Rubber rings for cues
  • Rubber pad to place beverages
  • Can be bought as either oak or black finish
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3. Only-Billiard-Stick-Mahogany-Finish

The rack has a lovely mahogany finish that makes the gaming room appealing. The quality is excellent and durable. It is easy to assemble the rack and requires little time and no special expertise.


  • Holds up to eight cues and a set of balls
  • Made of Mahogany
  • Comprises of a ball hook rack
  • Chalk, balls, cues etc. not included.
  • Four pads for beverages and rubber rings for cue holes
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4. Rush Creek Creations Billiard Storage

A unique cue rack whose appealing element is made unique by the fact that it undergoes a natural drying process. The drying continues naturally, ensuring that the rack will always be in good condition. It is a perfect addition to your game room as it is made in a way that is easy to access the cues at any time. The top has a four built-in drink holder that provides additional convenience.

The aim of the drink holder is to save your billiard table and other furniture from the risk of getting exposed to beverages that might cause damage. It fits well with a set of rush creations like stools, chairs, and tables in case you want to make your room more attractive and at the same time inclusive.


  • Holds up to six cues and base holds a full set of 16 billiard balls
  • Four inbuilt holders
  • Natural drying process makes the furniture to look more appealing and gain the exact rustic look.
  • Easy to assemble
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5. Iszy Billiards Billiard Scorer Mahogany

The cue rack has mahogany back or oak finish that increases its durability. It provides sufficient storage space depending on your preferences. You need to assemble the different parts, but you are presented with instructions making the work easy It also includes 4 score counters.


  • Hold up to eight cues and set of balls that is full
  • Has four rubber pads for beverages
  • Made with Mahogany
  • Has rubber rings for cue
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6. Flintar-Billiard-Hardwood-Improved-Mounting

The cue rack works perfectly for players with small game rooms due to its design. It is made from quality wood and is very appealing. It makes your room always look neat once it gets mounted on the wall. Your cues and balls will ever be organized and stored in an upright manner when not in use. Installing the cue rack is an easy process.


  • Holds up to six cues and 16 balls
  • Made of mahogany, or oak finish or black
  • Improved mounting hardware for securing to the wall.
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7. Fat Cat 2 Piece Hardwood Billiard

It is a viper wall mounted cue rack that makes your game room to be organized. It ensures that your equipment is safe having in mind that cues are accuracy tools and hence needed to be stored and treated as such. The rack keeps your sticks isolated and elevated; ensuring that they won’t get in the way of anyone, thus decreasing the risk of damage. The cue rack is placed near any wall on your pool table to make certain that your cues will always be ready. Only six cues fit; however the piece is affordable and fits nicely with any décor. Mounting the hardware to the wall is easy.


  • Has a unique classic finish
  • Keeps cue raised and isolated
  • Easy set up to mount
  • Holds up to six cues
  • Designed to be space saving
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Cue racks ensure that your expensive cues are well kept, which enables them to last longer. The cues also looks classier as the cue racks helps in getting your room organized. To add on the classiness, you should get a rack that complements that décor you have in your room. Size of the rack should be considered with consideration to the size of your room. This will also help in making a decision on whether to buy a rack that is placed on the ground or one which is mounted on the wall. A cue rack lasts for long if well maintained. You should place it in a position where you won’t have to keep on moving it. As a starter, and even for those experienced, it might be confusing to select the right rack. This listing provides a wide range of racks, with different features that serve the different needs to help you pick the most favorable to your conditions.

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