Billiards vs. Pool

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Billiards vs. Pool

What is the difference between pool and billiards? That’s a common question. Is it a situation where the same game has two names (like ping pong and table tennis)? Not exactly. The short answer is the pool is a variation of billiards, but let’s take a look at the specifics.

Both pool and billiards are cue games, where the players use the cue to strike a ball, but the object is different depending on the variation of the game.

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Carom Billiards

There are different types of billiards. Carom billiards is played on a table with no pockets. There are different games and variations of carom billiards, but most involve three balls. In this game each player has a cue ball and the third is a striker ball. You hit try to hit your cue ball into the striker ball, and then the striker ball into your opponents cue ball. The rules and scoring vary, and may require you to carom the ball of the cushion on the site of the table 3 times.

Pool and Pocket Billiards

Aside from carom billiards, the other type is pocket billiards. Pool is a type of pocket billiards game, where the object is to hit the cue ball and knock the other balls into the pockets at the side and corners of the table. Of course, there are many different variations of pool as well, such 8 ball and 9 ball.

In 8 ball pool there is a cue ball and two sets of 8 balls (stripes and solids). The object is to knock all of your balls into the pockets, ending with the black 8 ball.

In 9 ball pool there is a cue ball and 9 numbered balls (1-9). The goal here is to knock the balls into the pockets in numerical order, and ultimately, to be the player that knocks in the 9 ball.

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